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Safeguarding Serenity: North & Cardiac Wings

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital
Lady Pohamba Private Hospital

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital - Windhoek (Namibia)


Completion Date: 30 Jun 2022

The Lady Pohamba Private Hospital embarked on a significant expansion project to accommodate the growing healthcare demands within the community. This expansion involved the construction of the North and Cardiac wings, a pivotal addition to their infrastructure. Alongside this development, the hospital recognized the indispensable need for robust security systems to safeguard its premises, patients, and staff.

Scope of Security System Implementation:

Teltech was entrusted with the critical task of provisioning, installing, and commissioning a comprehensive security infrastructure to fortify the newly constructed North and Cardiac wings. The security systems integrated into this project encompassed:

CCTV Surveillance: Deploying a cutting-edge IP-based closed-circuit television system strategically positioned throughout the wings for continuous monitoring and surveillance. This system included 60+ bullet and dome cameras, high-end network video recorder (NVR) and licensing.

Access Control: Implementing sophisticated access control mechanisms to regulate and restrict unauthorized entry, ensuring secure zones within the hospital. The access control system was integrated with the CCTV, video intercom, fire detection, and evacuation systems, fortifying security measures and facilitating seamless coordination for timely, organized evacuation protocols during emergencies. This system included 70+ biometric readers (face and palm) and time & attendance software.

Fire Detection System: Installing state-of-the-art fire detection technology to preemptively identify and respond to fire hazards, prioritizing patient, and staff safety. This system was integrated with the BMS of the hospital. This system included 200+ optical smoke detectors, 280+ heat detectors, fire relay units, manual call points, fire panels and mimic panels.

Emergency Evacuation System & Public Address: Installing a robust emergency evacuation setup for swift and organized evacuation procedures in case of emergencies and Public Address (PA) system as vital communication tool, facilitating clear and timely announcements, enhancing overall safety measures, and ensuring efficient information dissemination during critical situations. This system included 60+ ceiling speakers, amplifiers, remote microphones, and media over fiber transmitters.

Video Intercom System: A video intercom system was strategically installed, empowering controlled entry/exit across the hospital's various wards, ensuring monitored access and heightened security protocols. This system included video intercom display and call units.

Successful Execution and Ongoing Maintenance:

Teltech executed the installation and commissioning of these mission-critical security systems with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring seamless integration with the hospital's operations. Furthermore, Teltech remains dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of these systems, providing ongoing support to guarantee optimal performance. Continuous maintenance services aim to prevent downtime, ensuring that the equipment functions at peak efficiency, thereby upholding the hospital's commitment to safety and security.

This project stands as a testament to Teltech's proficiency in managing and implementing complex security solutions within the healthcare domain, contributing significantly to Lady Pohamba Private Hospital's ability to deliver superior patient care while prioritizing safety and security.


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