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Teltech has left an indelible mark across Sub-Saharan Africa through a series of successful projects in the avionics, communication, security, and alternative energy sectors. Our portfolio boasts a constellation of projects that stand as testaments to our prowess in installation, commissioning, and unwavering commitment to post-installation support.

These systems continue to operate seamlessly, acting as beacons of Teltech's unwavering dedication to quality and reliability. From cutting-edge avionics advancements to robust communication networks, fortified security systems, and innovative alternative energy solutions, Teltech's legacy resonates through the operational longevity and efficiency of our projects, demonstrating our steadfast presence and enduring impact in the region's technological landscape.

Taking Flight, Securing Skies: Elevating Safety at Mauritius Airport
31 Dec 2023

Taking Flight, Securing Skies: Elevating Safety at Mauritius Airport

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport - Plaine Magnien (Mauritius)

In 2019, Teltech undertook a significant endeavor by submitting a competitive bid to facilitate the supply, installation

Safeguarding Serenity: North & Cardiac Wings
30 Jun 2022

Safeguarding Serenity: North & Cardiac Wings

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital - Windhoek (Namibia)

The Lady Pohamba Private Hospital embarked on a significant expansion project to accommodate the growing healthcare dema


Teltech offers a comprehensive range of solutions, spanning Avionics, Security, Communications, and Alternative Energy. In the realm of Avionics, we provide cutting-edge technologies to enhance aircraft systems and safety measures. Read more


Teltech partners with reputable and reliable brands to ensure the highest product quality and dependable after-sales service for our clients. Read more


Successfully completed projects we have been actively involved in. All our projects start with the design of a solution, followed by installation, project management and training. Read more


As a Systems Integrator, Teltech excels in assessing project needs, defining requirements, and executing integration plans, which may encompass customized architecture and application design, hardware integration, software solutions, and networking infrastructure. Read more

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