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Teltech was established in 1950, having been born into the two-way radio field and based in Windhoek, Namibia. Teltech has since grown to become a full Systems Integrator in the fields of Avionics, Communications, Security, Alternative Energy & Information Technologies.

We partner with trusted brands to ensure maximum product quality & reliable after-sales service. With a proven track record, having completed several outstanding projects within Sub-Saharan Africa, including Rwanda, Angola, Mauritius, Nigeria, Sudan, Botswana, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Uganda, we cconstantly seek new opportunities to expand business operations into other African markets where there is a critical requirement for our solutions.

Systems Integrator

As a Systems Integration company, we engage with a variety of clients in different mission critical sectors including but not limited to Airport, Financial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Military, Tourism, Medical & Government. We assess the needs and define the requirements for every project. With this foundation established, we then develop and execute an integration plan. That process may involve designing or building a customized architecture or application and integrating it with new or existing hardware, packaged or custom software and networking infrastructure.

The biggest benefit of working with Teltech as systems integrator, is the company’s expertise to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, services, and capabilities. Many transformation projects today involve a multitude of interconnected technical resources that could require multiple vendors, but we are equipped to address each component — helping support vendor consolidation in the process.


Teltech offers a comprehensive range of solutions, spanning Avionics, Security, Communications, and Alternative Energy. In the realm of Avionics, we provide cutting-edge technologies to enhance aircraft systems and safety measures. Read more


Teltech partners with reputable and reliable brands to ensure the highest product quality and dependable after-sales service for our clients. Read more


Successfully completed projects we have been actively involved in. All our projects start with the design of a solution, followed by installation, project management and training. Read more


As a Systems Integrator, Teltech excels in assessing project needs, defining requirements, and executing integration plans, which may encompass customized architecture and application design, hardware integration, software solutions, and networking infrastructure. Read more

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